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JConcepts Rage

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Get ready, the JConcepts Rage is approaching and we would like to invite you to participate. Prizes to competitors will be offered. Contact JConcepts to signup now at 352-241-4976. Signup is also available online for your convenience here

April 18-19th, 2009 at Carolinas R/C
7020 Reames Rd. Suite A
Charlotte, NC 28216

Click here to see 2009 updated entry list in excel format (xls).

Carolina's R/C in Charlotte, North Carolina will host the 2009 JConcepts Rage. and will take place on the weekend of April 18-19, 2009. Each driver will receive a T-shirt with the first entry. JConcepts awards will be presented in all classes but limited to the top finishers in each class or group. The top 2 mains in each Off-Road class will receive awards (entry restricted).

The Rage features an off-road racing program at Carolina's RC indoor facility.

Registration Fees

Entry fee for the Rage Off-Road portion will be $35 for the first entry and $20.00 for each additional. The April 1st deadline for late registration has been lifted and there will not be an increase in registration fees.

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